BI - Phocas

Powerful business intelligence and analytics

BI - Phocas

Empower your business to make data-driven decisions with powerful business intelligence tools

Access all the information you need to aid strategic decision making and react quickly to customer needs through a range of business intelligence and analytics tools. These cloud-based solutions give you an insight into sales, operational and financial information that will help you make sound business decisions - all with just a few clicks.

Increase sales, reduce costs, eliminate guesswork

Make the existing data in your existing ERP system easy to access, understand and act on with Phocas. Turn your insights into real intelligence!

Allow your users to self-serve with this highly intuitive, yet powerful solution that empowers you to share insights across your business.

  • Customer, product and financial data in one place
  • Analytics for wholesale and distribution retail
  • Optimised for use with our ERP, Retail and business management solutions

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