Want Better Service & Sales? Get the Data You Need in a Single View

Imagine how different sales and customer service would look if your business had instant access to customer information relevant sales documents at the click of a button, and all in a single view.

Salespeople can finally view the latest client data and transactional information from a single system and use it immediately to fast-track the whole sales process, from order to invoicing.

The result? Faster and more efficient customer service, improved and streamlined processes and empowered staff.

Look out for flexible software or applications that rely on central dashboards to display a 360 view of customer data and proceed to invoice without delay. The system should be easily configurable to support your critical requirements.

For example, our SingleView solution fully integrates with IQ Retail's standard retail software solutions which just makes the whole process so much easier. It focuses on streamlining sales via a split-screen design, where sales teams can view all the information they need without switching screens.

In addition to this, a single split-screen view approach simplifies the search for product- and sales-related data such as stock availability, historical transactional data, debtor information, job cards, quotations and orders and much more. This means the search data can be quickly accessed alongside the main screen.

Designed and developed for the tyre and fitment industry, the add-on module system enables sales assistants to view and group different stock items, access customer data via customer names or vehicle registration information, deliver quotes and compile reports based on specific product details and much more.

For example, suppose a customer needs a cost for a specific tyre brand or tyre size... In that case, the application can immediately indicate the pricing and pull out the relevant quotation, thus speeding customer service at the point-of-sale.

In line with the capabilities mentioned above, SingleView can be customised and adapted to suit broader commercial applications, particularly where the business requires capable product variety selection, as it is the case with the tyre and fitment industry.

IQ Retail has developed fully integrated retail management software and add-on solutions for your business or franchise.