Apr 22

How to run a successful restaurant

Running a successful restaurant requires a great deal of hard work and commitment so it’s not for the faint hearted amongst us. If you really have a passion for it .... read more
Created on 22nd April 2014
Apr 15

Digital marketing overview: part 2

Advancements in technology in recent years have meant that the internet is much more accessible to more people in South Africa now. This increase in accessibility has see .... read more
Created on 15th April 2014
Apr 8

Digital marketing overview: part 1

Shifts in the behaviour of consumers means that businesses large and small are competing for customers’ attention online. Ask any digital marketer where’s the .... read more
Created on 8th April 2014
Mar 31

How to Make Your Shop Premises More Accessible

When we talk about accessibility in retail we’re referring to the need to make sure your shop premises are easy to approach, enter, reach, and use by all people. Ac .... read more
Created on 31st March 2014
Mar 24

5 tips designed to boost online sales

As your business expands and profits soar you might want to start looking at selling your products online via your website. If this is your next move then you’ll ne .... read more
Created on 24th March 2014
Mar 11

What Is Good Customer Service?

When a consumer receives good service from a company they will tell an average of 3 people, however if they receive bad service they will tell an average of 12 people. So .... read more
Created on 11th March 2014
Mar 3

Recognising Buying Signals

Learning to understand the body language and non-verbal communication exhibited by your customers can help you to maximise your sales. Being able to ‘read people&rs .... read more
Created on 3rd March 2014
Feb 21

Top Tips for Organising your Exhibition Stand

As mentioned in our last blog, mobile POS technology makes it much easier for retailers to attend tradeshows and exhibitions. In order to get a good return on investment .... read more
Created on 21st February 2014
Feb 20

4 Common Exhibition Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mobile POS has opened up a whole new world to retailers. It is now even easier to attend exhibitions and trade shows and make sales electronically. Trade shows are a grea .... read more
Created on 20th February 2014
Jun 21

Mobile POS – How Can It Help Your Business?

Any business that often needs to operate away from its fixed base could greatly benefit from the new wave in mobile POS. For example businesses that attend out of town ev .... read more
Created on 21st June 2013
Jun 21

How Can QR Codes Benefit Your Business?

A QR code is similar to a barcode in that it carries data. However, while a traditional barcode can encode up to 20 characters, a QR code can encode more than 7000 charac .... read more
Created on 21st June 2013
Jun 21

The Top 5 Reasons Why POS Systems Are Better Than Cash Registers

It wasn’t too long ago that cash registers and paper-based accounting were the norm in the retail and hospitality industries. However, mankind is always eager to im .... read more
Created on 21st June 2013
Jun 21

How A POS System Can Help You Increase Your Sales

All businesses wherever they are in the world have the same goal: to increase net profit. This can be achieved in two ways: reducing operating costs, or increasing sales. .... read more
Created on 21st June 2013
Jun 21

The Essential Hardware To Complement Your POS System

When purchasing a complete POS system you need to consider how your software and hardware will work together. Some scanners may not be compatible with certain POS softwar .... read more
Created on 21st June 2013
Jun 21

A Guide To Purchasing The Right Cash Drawer

You may think that once you’ve carefully chosen the right point of sale software for your business that the hard decisions are over, but you would be wrong. One asp .... read more
Created on 21st June 2013
Apr 29

Retail Trends In South Africa

Over the past 4 years, changes in South African society have had an impact on the retail market. The expectations and demands of consumers have changed, and retailers hav .... read more
Created on 29th April 2013
Apr 29

What Is POS Software?

Point Of Sale (POS) software is revolutionising the way the retail industry operates. Electronic Point of Sale systems are gradually replacing the traditional cash regist .... read more
Created on 29th April 2013
Apr 29

5 Reasons To Use POS Software

Whether you have one small retail outlet or a chain of stores, POS software is likely to be of great benefit to your business. You may be plodding along nicely with your .... read more
Created on 29th April 2013
Apr 29

What To Look For When Shopping For A POS System

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge and invest in a POS system to aid your retail business there are a few things to think about before you choose which package .... read more
Created on 29th April 2013
Apr 29

Traditional Commerce Vs Ecommerce

In most of the western world it seems that ecommerce has overtaken traditional commerce as the favoured method of shopping among consumers. Many high street stores have f .... read more
Created on 29th April 2013
Apr 29

Welcome To Our Blog!

Hello, and welcome to our very first blog post! Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be using this blog to communicate with our customers and peers; bringing you .... read more
Created on 29th April 2013